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Living in Connection with Your Body

As a massage therapist, I work with a lot of bodies, in various shapes and sizes. This is largely what drew me to work in massage is a great love of the human body and the human.

The human body is fascinating. What also fascinates me is how little we can live in connection to our body. For example, a very common complaint is tension around the neck and shoulders from the way we sit at our desks for long periods of time.

A colleague shared with me that she can get to the end of the day and realize she’s not gone to the toilet nor filled up her water all day.

Whilst this is very common and some may say normal, it is not our natural way of being. It is more natural to live in tune with our body. It can share so much with us if we listen.

What does it actually mean to ‘live in connection to our bodies’?

It can be quite simple…

Start getting more curious and noticing more about you and your body

  • How are you sitting when you are reading this blog? Are you hunched over?

  • How do you sit in your chair at work? When you turn to discuss something with your colleague, do you twist your body at an angle?

  • When you are cooking in the kitchen, do you stand more on one leg?

When you go for a walk notice how you are walking

  • Do you feel your feet on the ground as you walk?

  • Are you ‘punching it out’ in order to get from A to B?

Start listening to the early signs from the body

  • Go to the bathroom

  • Drink that water

  • Put on that extra layer of clothing to keep warm

Do a simple stretch in bed to connect to your body before getting out of bed

  • Lying in bed with your arms out to your side is a great way to stretch your arms and chest

  • Slide your feet up along the bed so your knees are pointing up to the ceiling and your feet are on the bed, gently rock your knees from side to side and feel the movement in your hips

Become a scientist of your own body; learn, notice, explore, become aware, experiment, change things up and observe the results. Rinse and repeat as necessary, and keep observing!

If you would like to book in a massage session to support with going deeper in the connection with your body you can head to our bookings page.

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