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Relaxation Massage

About Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage is simply that; a massage that supports you to deeply rest and relax. Relaxation massage techniques are a series of long, smooth flowing strokes for you to relax, let go of the stressors of life and feel rejuvenated. These techniques warm up the massage muscle tissue, break up knots and relieve muscle tension.

Price: 45 mins - $95 | 60 mins - $120 | 90 minutes - $160

A massage with Sarah is a beautiful experience.

- Kathy

The Benefits

Relaxation massage, sometimes referred to as Swedish massage, can improve:





Range of Movement 


Quality of



Connection to Your Body 

Client Words


What I love about massages with Sarah is the consistency of the pace and rhythm coming through her hands moving in response to my body. 

I trust that she is totally there with me, holding the space and presence, allowing my body to let go and trust whatever she is doing. When she comes to a tender area, she doesn’t assume control, she asks me, more aptly my body, if the pressure is ok? How does that feel? Then tenderly and respectfully releases the held tightness.

Sarah has respect for the body, knowing it is more than muscle, bones, organs etc; We bring to the table our hurt, pain, vulnerability and all that comes from living day to day. Sarah in the rhythm of her movements moves the fluids, acknowledges the sensitive areas in a way that allows my body to settle into a deep relaxation, unknotting any tightness, smoothing out the pain and irritation that wants to creep into my ageing arthritic joints. 

From the moment you enter to the moment you leave, you are embraced by Sarah’s open warmth, caring qualities and commitment. The space is beautifully presented in its clean simplicity, the temperature is carefully considered to the extent of warming the table with an electric blanket when it's chilly, the towels are carefully arranged so that dignity is maintained at all times, and the light is dimmed to enhance relaxation. 

A massage with Sarah is a beautiful experience.

- Kathy

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