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Remedial Massage in Forrest

Forrest Remedial Massage

Right in Forrest, one of Canberra’s most favourite and oldest suburbs, you will find Capital Hill Remedial Massage.

Conveniently located on State Circle (so you won’t get lost in Forrest’s circular and geometric streets that can be confusing to drive in), and offering remedial, deep tissue and relaxation massages outside of hours, Capital Hill Remedial Massage is perfect for those requiring support to relieve the pain and tension held in their bodies.


History shows that the original residents of Forrest were mostly senior public servants who were moved from Melbourne. Capital Hill Remedial Massage principal therapist is a public servant who understands the pressures of working in the government, corporate and non profit sector.


But is not just public servants, Capital Hill Remedial Massage works with all type of bodies; young, old, fit, unfit. Through our range of healing services, we can support you to let go of the daily stressors of life to  experience the vitality and freedom of movement of your body’s natural design.


Whilst located in Forrest, just nearby to Parliament House and close to Manuka and Kingston, we service clients from across Canberra.

Services offered at our Forrest Massage clinic


Relaxation Massage Forrest

This full-body relaxation massage will de-stress you from head to toe. Rhythmic massage techniques will be used to assist your body to restore balance.


Deep Tissue Massage Forrest

Ideal for bodies overworked and stiff from daily life or working out. This massage will target muscle groups with firm-pressured massage techniques to aid removal of toxins and muscular tension.


Remedial Massage Forrest

A technique to help treat muscle and joint injuries associated with pain management and injury rehabilitation. Your therapist will apply specific techniques relating to your concerns and can work with you on a recovery plan.

Client Words


I saw Sarah for lower back/hip tightness. I walked in with the movement of someone 20 years older and after Sarah’s ‘magic’, I walked out, feeling 20 years younger.

- Rob

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Massage Therapist in Forrest

Sarah Flenley

Capital Hill Remedial Massage principal Sarah Flenley is a massage therapist in Forrest working from her home clinic by appointment.


Sarah has been working as a massage therapist in Forrest since she completed her Remedial Massage qualifications through Evolve College Canberra Campus. Evolve College massage therapists are highly sought after because of the reputation of their standards of care and integrity with an over 95% employability rate out of college.


Sarah enjoys providing massages and treatments to the people of Canberra.


She loves learning about her clients and understanding the the physical stressors they may be facing so she can work with them to support their health and well-being.

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